The Next Generation & Smart Payment Gateway.

Our new and smart way to checkout on any product, event tickets and instalments from the internet businesses to mama muuza on the street.

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Focus on what matters most.

We think and operate on your behalf and let you worry on what matters the most on business side of things.


Self-service dashboard

We provide a self sufficient dashboard for all your business requirements and we are open for feature requests.


Real-time transaction reports

Keep an eye on all your transactions, watch their state change in real time, with no lags.


Unified REST API

We provide a well documented API and sample code for developers to get started as fast as they can.

About Us

Who are we?

EasyPay was founded in 2015 as a software development company. In those early days, we ventured into software development and payment integration services. We delivered first in line and cutting edge mobile and desktop application for Entertainment, Education and Fintech industries.

Due to growth demand in online mobile checkout services, we created our first payment API one of the best money processor in the country using normal USSD to provide new and seamless experience on mobile money checkout. We grew our services and area of operation, As opportunities knocked and keep on knocking we decided to dedicate our resources into instant checkout with mobile payments backed with all local mobile network operators.

Our mission is to facilitate digital transactions across Tanzania, generating values for all customers (small business in particular) through next generation and smart way of handling their payments.

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Our pride and uniqueness

Apart from providing smart and seamless checkout experience, here are some of the core services constitutes to that experience.


Field Payments

Collect payments from the field using well designed mobile app which acts as a point of sale. You don't have to buy new hardware, we power what you have.


Pay Per Instalments

We do power merchants to allow their clients to pay per instalment until they reach a target amount for a service to be offered to them.


Instant Checkout

We enable your e-commerce website or application to accept payments from clients, we offer redirection links to the payment page and instant push.


Event Tickets

We manage your events by handling all ticket purchases from your audience which can be done through web links or our merchant mobile app.


SaaS Payments

We do power your software as a service business platform to accept both recurring and one-time payments from your clients.


Timely Disbursements

We offer disbursements to a channel of your choice, whether is mobile money or bank your collected amount will be settled with less struggle.


We have you covered

Do you happen to have any question before boarding to our platform? in case we haven't answered it here reach us on provided channels.


What are your KYC's

We only require either National Identification (NIDA Card) or Your Travel Passport for unregistered businesses and Business Licence & TIN as a single document for registered businesses.


Which payment options do you accept?

Right now we accept transaction from almost all mobile money wallets in the country. In the near future we'll be accepting from all major card providers and M-Pesa on mobile payments.


Do you have setup fees?

No, EasyPay does not have any setup fees. Once you provide all required documents our team will get you started in few minutes and you will not be asked for any payments.


How will I receive my funds?

EasyPay offers both bank and mobile wallet disbursements, depending on where you requested your funds to be dropped we will definately drop them there and notify you prior to the process.

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